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Fill Open Roles Quick

Fill Open Roles Quick

Prime Intellect only lists the vetted candidates
who are assessed for basic requirements of every job function. We also make the hiring transparent so you can hire quickly without any surprises. We guarantee zero disappointments and more qualified candidates.

Hire The Best Candidates

Hire The Best Candidates

Prime Intellect manually curates the top candidates
in terms of skills and qualifications. Out of tens and thousands of applications every week, only the
top 10% of candidates are approved on the
platform and engage in talent auction.

New Talent Every Week

New Talent Every Week

Prime Intellect delivers new active candidates that match your requirements on a weekly basis and lists them only for a period of 15 days. You have new candidates to meet every week which makes your on-going hiring process a breeze.

How it works for employers?

Create Employer Profile

Employers has to build their company profile with information including basic company info, core values, current opportunities and most sought after skills etc.,

Candidates usually accept the provisional offers from well known employers or at least they should have a transparent basic information available readily. So, we strongly recommend you to showcase your company information and images for better conversion ratio.


Prime Intellect Approval

Once we receive your application, our approval team will review your company for good financial standing, business model and your hiring locations. If your company meets the basic criteria's and if you have active requirements at locations where we have a critical mass of candidates, you will be approved to participate in the marketplace auction.

Once approved, you will have access to a fresh pool of active and qualified talent every week.


Marketplace Auction and Talent Board

Prime Intellect lists more than 5000 fresh candidates every week that would be available for you to hire for a period of 15 days. After 15 days, the candidate will be removed from marketplace and moved to Talent Board (It's a largest active talent pool which can be accessed with special subscription)

Once you are signed in, you will have access to all the candidates who are active in marketplace auction. The mass of candidates are sorted by role, skills and years of experience for you to easily find the right talent that you are looking to fill for your requirement. You can also search using any specific keywords or skill set.


Engage with Candidates and Send Interview Requests

See someone you like? Just in a click of a button, you can request an interview by sending a provisional offer that has compensation and job details upfront. Have a question about the candidate? You can chat with the candidate right on the platform and you will get a response in few minutes that would clarify anything you require to make an interview request.

Almost all requests get a response (yes or no) and almost half of all requests result in an interview.

Clients shortlist the participants, sends them a provisional offer and gives them a choice of interview dates for a direct discussion.


Job Offer

For every candidate on interview stage, Prime Intellect assigns a talent partner who will liaison for salary negotiation and any other critical things to be discussed before offer. Once the candidate is offered, our talent partners will follow up with the candidate in regular intervals till the date of joining.


Payment Options

Prime Intellect will raise a invoice only on the day that a candidate joins your team successfully. Clients can choose to pay a one-time fee of candidates 15% annual salary which would be completely refunded if a candidate quits within 90 days time.

Alternatively, clients can choose to pay 3% of candidates annual salary every month in 8 easy installments. And, in case the candidate quits the client company before 8 months, Prime Intellect will not raise further invoices from the date candidate leaves the client company.


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